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Rome, 8 December 2021 – while Germany Record A record of deaths For covid – highest number since last February 12 -, in Great Britain Premier Boris Johnson is about to announce a series of new restrictions, to prevent the spread of Variant Omron, Three senior government officials told the Financial Times that the government has decided to implement the so-calledalternative plan’, which includes requiring immunization passports to visit public places and a new ordinance for work from home. The decision will come days after Downing Street was at the center of controversy because Christmas party Which would have been held there last year, breaking the rules imposed with the pandemic.

Covid Italy, surge in infections in various regions. Figures as of 8 December


New restrictions are pending, there are new infections, always above 50 thousand. in the last 24 hours UK is registered 51,342 new cases of Kovid and 161 deaths due to the virus. The country’s health officials announced that 115 of the newly infected have tested positive with the Omicron variant. The total number of confirmed Omicron cases therefore increased to 448.

From prince charles and from wife camilla arrives Appeal to vaccinate and complete the procedure with the third dose: “We can only request you to see the evidence from our departments intensive care“, reads a statement issued by the Royals after undergoing the booster. And they continue: “People who are not vaccinated are at least 10 times more likely to be hospitalized or die than those who are not vaccinated.” those who received two vaccine doses”.

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record of deaths per covid in Germany for 10 months. country has registered 527 deaths In the past 24 hours, the highest number since the past 12 February, international media have noted, however, underlining that the incidence rate of weekly cases is declining from 432 to 427 infections per 100 thousand residents.

An extraordinary session of the Crisis Unit of the Austrian government is underway to define Guidelines to prevent infection with Kovid-19 From 13 December When, after three weeks, lockdown For vaccinated people. Awaiting today’s press conference, from 13 December all activities (business, service providers such as hairdressers, gastronomy, tourism, culture, sports) except dinner will be able to reopen only for immunizations and people who have recovered by 6 pm . Months from coronavirus. The individual lender will be able to take stringent measures based on intensive care capability. Upper Austria will remain in lockdown for vaccination and non-vaccination until December 17, while in Vienna, bars and hotels will not reopen until December 20, with Ffp2 masks and perhaps ‘2G-plus’ (vaccine or fine and tampon molecular) will be of widespread use. ) in culture.

The epidemiological situation is getting worse in France, country registered yesterday 59,019 new cases Of Covid: This is the record after November 3, 2020. Sainte Public France announced this. The incidence rate is also increasing, reaching 444 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, as well as a mortality rate as high as 6.5%. 12,714 patients are hospitalized. There are 2,351 in the intensive care ward and there has been an increase in this case as well. As far as the deaths are concerned, it has gone up to 168 in the last 24 hours.

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Intensive care units have an employment rate above 10% by covid patients in Spain, while the incidence of infection in 14 days is still rising, reaching 290 cases for every 100,000 residents (the weekly one is 160 cases). This can be learned from the latest figures from the Ministry of Health, which came at a time when the Iberian country was preparing to end a long holiday that had actually started last weekend. The employment rate in intensive care has increased from 8.84% on Friday to 10.29% today. The index rose from 3.42% to 4.07% in mainstream departments. The positivity rate increased from 7.29% to 8.42%. So far 88,237 people have died since the start of the pandemic. The percentage of the population vaccinated with a complete cycle is 89.5% of the total. 71.1% of those over 70 also received a booster dose. In about two million people, a single dose of J&J with additional injections also accounts for 38.3% of vaccinations.

Omicron, Pfizer: “Third Dose Vaccine Effective Against Variant”

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