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Responding to criticism on Independence Day, Prime Minister Johnson said, “If we don’t reopen now, we risk facing an even more difficult situation in the winter months.” But scientists are concerned about the increase in new cases due to the delta variant: there are those who imagine that we can reach 200 thousand cases a day. US warns its citizens against travel to United Kingdom: Country placed in highest risk level

“We must ask ourselves: if not now, then when?”. This is how British Prime Minister Boris Johnson – trying to allay fear and controversy – spoke during Independence Day, the day when almost all anti-Covid restrictions imposed in England in recent months were ended. The much-desired “freedom” from the mask and the many limitations of social life, however, comes at an unfortunate moment according to many British scientists: the delta variant is, in fact, re-initiating the transition and there are people who imagine Let yourself reach 200 thousand a day. Meanwhile, the US warns its citizens against traveling to the United Kingdom and places the country at the highest level of risk (COVID: LIVE UPDATES – SPECIAL).

Number of infections in the UK

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Covid, ‘Independence Day’ UK: Restrictions on hold in England. Rule

In the last 24 hours, according to the Guardian, there have been 39,950 new cases of COVID-19 and 19 victims in the UK. British government figures show 322,170 people tested positive last week, a 41.2% increase from the previous week. During the same period, there were 296 deaths, which is 48% more than a week ago. Vaccination planning continues very strictly. Till Sunday evening, 46,314,039 people had received the first dose and 36,099,727 people had received the second dose. The vaccines have been linked to a mistake by British government scientific adviser Patrick Vallance. In a press conference, he said 60% of people currently hospitalized for COVID in the UK are “fully vaccinated”. later improved, also via twitter: 60% of hospitalizations are related to “unvaccinated people”.

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Boris Johnson’s call for caution

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However, despite a surge in cases, Boris Johnson – forced into isolation after coming into contact with Health Minister Sajid Javid, who tested positive – has kept his promise to reopen, after the postponement forced him to I went. But the premiere, along with an exhortation to enjoy lost habits, also appealed to caution, inviting everyone to take a decisive step “with the utmost discretion and respect for other people”. Johnson said he knew many would “prefer to wait weeks or months” before further easing measures, but explained: “If we don’t reopen now, we could be in an even more difficult situation in the winter months.” vaccination and there comes a time when further restrictions do not prevent hospitalizations and deaths but postpone the inevitable.”

Independence day

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Therefore, England tries to return to normalcy with caution, as are other nations in the Kingdom, including Scotland which has fallen to “Level 0” of restrictions. Independence Day provides that from tomorrow, Monday 19 July, masks are no longer mandatory in public places, for example at shops and means of transport (recommendation is for certain locations only), limit gatherings and work from home signs wherever possible. In addition, nightclubs, theaters and restaurants can fully reopen, while pubs will no longer be limited to table service.

fear of scientists


However, a certain fear prevails on the part of scientists at the end of the frontiers. There are currently around 50,000 new infections daily in Great Britain. According to forecasts by Neil Ferguson, a professor at Imperial College and member of Sage, an advisory body that assists a Tory executive in emergencies, they could reach as many as 200 thousand a day after summer. With more than 68% of adults fully vaccinated, models suggest hospital admissions, serious illness and deaths from COVID-19 will be at much lower levels than in previous peaks. For Patrick Vallance, head of the group of scientists advising the government, this could lead to 100 deaths and a thousand hospitalizations a day. And Johnson has come under severe criticism from various quarters. Labor leader Keir Starmer reiterates that “chaos and confusion” characterize the decisions of the conservative executive, particularly those that are more contradictory to the evidence. Trade unions add to the dosage. “This, far from being a day of independence, has already been nicknamed the Day of Disaster”, said the British Transport Association, the TSA, which stresses that “everyone must follow safety measures, wear masks”. Must continue to wear the rule of frequent hand washing”. However, Bozo decides to continue on his way according to the idea of ​​”now or never”.

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