Covid causes 50,000 deaths a year in the United Kingdom: Crescenti’s word

In UK you have the possibility to up 50,000 deaths annually because of covid. This is the worrying landscape illustrated by Andrea chrysanthemum, Director of the Department of Microbiology, University of Padua, A. very clear, an intense political program aired la7.

For a few weeks now the Boris Johnson-led country is facing a very complicated situation, counting on 50-60,000 new cases every 24 hours. England however managed to come up with some balance Between the protection offered by the vaccine and the ability to transmit the virus due to the lack of precautionary measures.

There are 50,000 deaths in the UK every year

“In England 50-60,000 cases per day And perhaps they are underestimated too. England has struck a balance between vaccine-induced protection and the potential for the virus to spread in the absence of any precautionary measures. They overpay With 160-180 deaths a day, a huge amount. It means 50,000 deaths annually. This is how Andrea Crisanti depicts the situation happening across the channel a very clear.

Experts state that around 600,000 are counted in the UK each year. deaths, of, about 10% is caused by covid, a Disease potential Predictable:

“In total, there are about 600,000 deaths a year in England: 10% will be due to a communicable and potentially preventable disease, I think a lot. I don’t think this can be sustained for long. 50,000 deaths a year from an infectious disease in Italy brings us back to 100 years ago”.

What to expect in Italy?

At present, our country does not seem to be taking any special risk in view of this. “Most of the population was vaccinated between April and July” Therefore were safe Because we are within a window of 6-7 months from vaccination”Experts say, but the situation may change soon.

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In fact, Krisanti says that “The data says that after 6 months protection against infection drops from 90% to 45% and against complications from 95% to 65%: it’s not rain. If we want to break transmission, then We will have to do do a third dose For the entire population, it is a question of setting a goal”.

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