COVID-19 – With twice as many cases and three times more deaths than France, why is the UK not considering new restrictions?

While the government in France threatens to tighten health measures to deal with what appears to be a fifth wave, the United Kingdom, without health passes, is reporting much higher figures. For the time being, without considering the withdrawal of sanctions. The famous British cuff?

Two rooms, two environments.

UK: Around 40,000 new cases per day, with an average of 150 deaths per day.

France: From November 14 to November 20 “only” an average of 15,000 contamination and an average of 46 deaths in seven days.

Still, while on this side of the channel, President Macron recently announced, not only would the ban on health passes not be lifted, but also extended or extended for the government of Boris Johnson, who is 60 years and older. Health passes or vaccination obligations*, seem unwilling to change strategy in the event of a pandemic.

After all sanctions were lifted, the country faced the situation that the French government called a . will say “Uncontrollable Situation” One in particular has an incidence rate of over 400 per 100,000 residents.

According to the official website, while the French are 75%, over 80% of Britons aged 12 and over have been fully vaccinated. Will a five-point difference in vaccination rates be enough to explain the difference in appreciation of political officials in managing the crisis on both sides of the channel?

Unless we think that in France we like to play to scare ourselves, let’s say the answer is “no”.

“I never liked the idea of ​​asking people to show me their papers”

Would the English approach then be a reflection of the famous British cuff and a so-called “libertarian” social tradition, resistant to restrictions on freedom? Even though the country has not hesitated to pronounce prevention measures, as everywhere in the world, the abandonment of vaccination passports last September for access to certain activities seems to agree with this hypothesis., “I never liked the idea of ​​asking people to show (…) their papers to do what is just a routine activity”, had specifically assured Health Minister Sajid Javid to justify the abandonment of the project**.

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less than 1,000 ventilator patients

Shouldn’t it also be seen as a new example of the famous Anglo-Saxon pragmatism? The country has recorded a correlation between the number of infections and hospital indicators and no longer attaches importance to the daily publication of the number of new cases. Much as thanks to its high rate of vaccination, the country counts “only” 8,000 patients in hospital, i.e. the figure observed in France. And fewer than 1,000 British patients have been placed on ventilators, compared to more than 1,300 French people treated in critical care (intensive care unit, intensive care unit and continuous monitoring unit), a category that is undoubtedly broad.

“The condition of the hospital is a justice of the peace of the measures to be takenHowever, government spokesman Gabriel Attal also said that he also accepts the embellishment of the indicators.

Isn’t France, once the custom, in the process of taking an example from its neighbors across the Channel? wait and see…

* The UK has recently decided to require caregivers to be vaccinated by spring 2022.

** With each country in the United Kingdom being able to brace for restrictions related to the health crisis, Scotland recorded a 1. have decided to start fromIs Vaccination certificate for access to October, discos and some events.

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