COVID-19: Why is the pandemic increasing in the United Kingdom?

The UK is experiencing a significant rebound from the COVID-19 outbreak. While the British population is mainly vaccinated, how can we explain this outbreak of sick cases?

The United Kingdom has long been the European model for the vaccine campaign against COVID-19. With 67.6% of the population receiving a full vaccination course, it looked like the British were walking away from a global pandemic. However, the delta version landed in the country on Tuesday, October 12 with 37,668 new cases. So how is it that this predominantly immunized country is experiencing such an increase in cases of contamination?

abandon barrier gestures

The British seem to have abandoned most of the barrier gestures that slow the transmission of the virus. In the country, no one is subject to the health pass that has been the rule in France since this summer. In the streets or in the shops of London, some still wear it. Legally, there is no longer any law that compels the British to wear them.

In the London Underground, however, it is mandatory but union National Union of Rail, Marine and Transport Workers (RMT) estimates that only 20% of travelers wear masks during their journey, compared to 80% before restrictions were lifted in early summer.

The government has also announced that masks may again become mandatory in the event of an outbreak of the pandemic this winter.

Teenagers struggle to get vaccinated

It took until 20 September for 12-15 year olds in the UK to reach their first dose, several days after the start of the school year for adolescents. The immunization committee actually “decided” late that it was not necessary to vaccinate young people. In France, where it has been available to teens since mid-June, 68% of them are already doubly safe.

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AstraZeneca vaccine implicated?

If the United Kingdom was able to get into the vaccination race so early, unlike some European countries, it tops it because the country vaccinated with AstraZeneca supplements that are more quickly accessible, unlike Pfizer and Moderna. According to many experts, the Pfizer vaccine is more effective against the variant, so the population receiving AstraZeneca is more likely to be affected by the COVID-19 mutation. So the authorities have announced a third dose for those over 50 and caregivers.

stats to qualify

The country is certainly experiencing an increase in the number of cases, but according to Reuters it has increased slightly since September, even though the curve of hospitalizations and deaths remains reassuring. On Sunday, October 10, the country reported “only” 38 deaths, far from the darkest day of the pandemic, January 20, with 2,677 dead.

The sequence of new infections increases faster than deaths.
Reuters screenshot

There has also been no significant increase in hospitalizations in the country since the peak of the last wave. As of 8 October, there were 766 new hospitalizations in the country. On 10 January of the same year, he had 4210 to be hospitalized according to the British government.

The stage of hospitalization in England.

The stage of hospitalization in England.
Screenshot: Coronavirus data Govt. Britain.

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