COVID-19. UK considering ‘vaccination passes’ for travel

Britain is considering easing travel restrictions to appease airlines threatening legal action against government measures restricting travel abroad.

Airlines are desperate to ease restrictions in early July to take advantage of the busy period. But for now, the British government maintains the quarantine requirements discouraging travelers.

Ryanair, Europe’s lowest-cost airline, is expected to file documents on Thursday seeking legal action on UK travel policy.

Faced with mounting pressure from the aviation sector, the United Kingdom on Thursday said it was looking at easing applicable measures. The transport ministry said it was working on how the vaccines could be used for travel abroad.

More than half of adults in the UK have received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, placing the country well ahead of its European neighbours.

EU example?

According to the newspaper Daily TelegraphBritain is seeking to follow the EU’s example by allowing tourists to be fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, exempting them from screening tests or quarantine measures from July.

“We have begun to examine the role of vaccination in developing a different set of health measures and tests for outbound travel.”, a spokesman for the British government said on Thursday.

Ryanair, along with British Airways and EasyJet, have repeatedly called on the government to lift the quarantine requirement for vaccinated passengers and ease restrictions for some low-risk countries.

Ryanair CEO calls UK travel policy a “disorder”. The Airline Is So Frustrated It Now Wants To Sue The Government For Its System ” Opaque “ Classification of travel destinations in green, orange or red.

The Daily Telegraph says that according to plans being reviewed by the UK government, people who have received two doses of the vaccine will be exempt from quarantine upon return from Amber List countries, but will still need to be tested Will be

Asked about the subject, Jesse Norman, the Treasury’s financial secretary, said on Thursday: sky News That reflection on the reopening of visits did not include anything.

“We are trying to move carefully and slowly in the right direction, and I don’t want to leave anything out at this point”, did he announce.

Britain last month allowed the resumption of international travel, but almost all major destinations, such as Spain, France, Italy and the United States, have been left out of the list of countries deemed safe and are allowed to remain open for ten days. Quarantine and multiple screening tests are required.

The green list of safe countries is due to be updated on June 24 and the government will revise its travel policy before the end of June.

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