Covid-19: Two million people could die before vaccination worldwide – WHO

Covid-19: Two million people could die before vaccination worldwide - WHO

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The WHO’s warning comes as several European countries are on the rise.

The World Health Organization has warned that the number of deaths from coronavirus worldwide could reach two million before the vaccine is effectively used.

Mike Ryan, the WHO’s head of emergency affairs, said the number could be even higher without working internationally.

Nine months after the outbreak began in China, the death toll from the Covid-19 has risen sharply to one million.

Mr Ryan also called on Europeans to ask themselves if they had done enough to avoid the need for a lockdown.

He questioned whether all the alternatives such as testing and tracing, quarantine, isolation, social distance, wearing masks and hand washing were implemented.

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Earlier, the Spanish capital Madrid covered eight more districts under stricter coronavirus restrictions, which now affect millions of people in the city.

In France, bar and restaurant workers in the southern city of Marseille protested against the closure of their workplaces on Saturday.

And in the UK, stricter restrictions were announced in various regions as new infections increased every day.

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