COVID-19: These non-vaccinated are ready to take their first dose

Six million French people are not convinced of the COVID-19 vaccine. However, in the face of the latest government measures, some have changed their mind and are ready to receive their first dose.

The appointments for primary immunization on the Doctolib platform are increasing. According to the health ministry, about 21,000 people were to be vaccinated per day between November 25 and December 1.

crystal falls in this category. In the waiting room at the Vaccinodrome of Clamart’s town hall, she awaits the results of her serological test. Very quickly, his face freezes because it is negative: he has never contracted COVID-19. So he needs two doses of the vaccine,“This is hell”

, she sighs.

She reads the information sheet carefully, signs it and follows the doctor. “If I do this, it’s only for my work!”, she says. The 37-year-old woman works in a theatre, where a health pass is mandatory. “I have to take tests every day and pay 25€ to go to work”, he said angrily, “this is a budget that was not planned. In the end, either you will get 15,000 per month” € must be earned, or I will have to change my job”. If he is vaccinated today, it is

“Because we don’t give him a choice”.“I’m so afraid of side effects. I honestly believe I don’t need vaccines: I never get sick, I never take any medicines. My son had it, with his dad we hugged him in the room ‘Hopefully it contaminates us and we have a valid health pass’

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, she says.

“Afraid it will harm me” About thirty kilometers away, in Val-d’Oise, Angela regularly scans appointments on Doctolib.“When I was skeptical, there was always plenty of availability, and now that I want to get vaccinated: I can’t find a time slot!”

, she chuckles. At 23, this communications student is the only one in her class who hasn’t been vaccinated.“I’m a bit of a non person, I feel a little uncomfortable”

, she argues. However, if he’s looking for an appointment to have an injection for the first time, completing his course is top-notch.

“It started affecting my studies, I’m afraid it will hurt me.” Soon, he will have to do an internship of six months in a company, but without a valid pass,“It can be canceled”

, she regrets it.

“It’s fixed, I’m going to do it” Katie

A civil servant and a 30 year old mother“A second baby. It worries me. I’m afraid it will delay my pregnancy or have an effect on my baby.” I’m not anti-wax” , she says, Covid-19,

“I do not deny its existence, I had it myself and the symptoms were not mild. I tasted for weeks, I was not doing well at all”,She believes. He is concerned about the repetition of injections, now that it is necessary to justify receiving three doses of the vaccine. Katie’s sorry” lack of perspective” on the side effects of vaccines and

“Little Critical Mind” Currently ruling.

Why vaccinate the entire population when “only 1% of deaths occur”? she wonders. “Sounds irrational to me.”However, she will go “despite” because her pass is about to expire.

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“If I’m going to get vaccinated, it’s not for my health, it’s for my freedom” he said bitterly.

for sara , 26-year-old Parisian, no vaccine, no time square! This young communicator in the medical field has canceled his trip to New York for the holiday season,“It’s sad but hey. I would never question scientists or official statistics, the vaccine was great news, although I think it’s too early”. Even then,

“We are already on the third dose, it punishes me: it has been two years since I saw my mother”

, “People are more confident when others are vaccinated” hence “it’s fixed, I’ll do it”. First names have been changed

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