COVID-19: The Franco-Austrian Vaccine Vllneva, On The Hot Seat, “May Just Stop”

Like crying for help. Franco-Austrian biotech Valneva on Friday called for more orders from European countries for its vaccine against COVID-19 to be able to keep its contract with the European Union. “We think it is necessary to give a serious warning that the program may simply stall without a sufficient amount of orders,” confirmed the biotech’s general manager, Franck Grimaud.

Valneva last year signed an agreement with the European Commission to supply up to 60 million doses of its vaccine. However, on that date, it received order volumes that were much less than what was initially expected, which jeopardizes the sustainability of the programme, they believe. “The result is that there will be no inactivated vaccine available in Europe”, underlines François Grimaud. For the leader, this type of vaccine has its place, however, especially for those who have not been vaccinated because they are reluctant to the latest technology in messenger RNA.

This is yet another episode in the soap opera of a French vaccine against COVID, while world production of the serum has reached such a level that some laboratories have already stopped manufacturing due to lack of demand.

just a few days before the end

For 2022, Valneva was initially supposed to deliver approximately 24 million doses of “VLA2001” to the European Union. However, the latter is still not authorized by the European Medicines Agency. In May, the European Commission therefore announced that it was considering canceling its order.

Under the terms of the contract, Valneva had 30 days from May 13, 2022 to obtain marketing authorization or propose a plan to remedy the situation in an acceptable manner. But due to a lack of substantial interest from European countries, Valneva points out that it may have to put its program on hold, no matter what. “It wouldn’t be financially viable,” says Franck Grimaud.

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“Preliminary and non-final quantity indications received from the Commission will not be sufficient to ensure the sustainability of the vaccine programme,” the company specifies.

help from france

Franck Grimaud requests the re-allocation of doses already ordered by the European Union to various laboratories and appeals to the French government. “France is one of the countries that initially placed one of the largest orders. In the search for solutions, it can and must play a role”, the leader believes.

The Valleneva vaccine has already been authorized in the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and the Kingdom of Bahrain, the only country where it is currently marketed.

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