COVID-19: Reforms Across the Country

On Wednesday, the number of COVID-19 cases across Canada continued to decline. The trend can be seen mainly in Quebec and Ontario, where the number of daily infections continues to decline.

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Thus, Quebec’s toll added barely 308 cases, except for four deaths, during the last day, despite a slight resumption of screening, which reached very low levels during the long weekend. This is the fifth consecutive decrease in the number of new cases east of the Ottawa River.

As a bonus, the number of hospitalized patients with the virus decreased from 400 bedridden patients (399), while 101 patients remained in intensive care.

Ontario may also be happy to add 1,095 cases to its balance sheet, a number slightly up, but which remains unusual compared to the worst moments of the third wave.

On the other hand, Canada’s most populous province also had 23 deaths, where the number of hospitalizations (1073, +48) is very high, especially in view of the fact that 672 patients are still infected with the virus. The reasons are in intensive care. .

The reform is also notable in the West, particularly in Alberta (390 cases, 6 dead) where Prime Minister Jason Kenney presented a roadmap for rapid deconfiguration.

According to the plan, the roof will be reopened from next Monday in the province, while 10 people can come together at outside gatherings. Personal care businesses may also reopen.

Health measures will then be gradually lifted, while the government plans to achieve complete deconfusion by the end of June, two weeks after the 70% population has reached the vaccination rate.

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“The good news is that with the arrival of declining indicators and vaccination and summer temperatures on the rise, we expect the pressure on our hospitals to continue to ease”, he said. Jason Kenney as his province pleased, badly affected by the third wave, has more hospitalized patients (548) than Quebec, including intensive care (157).

Status in Canada:

Ontario: 526,045 (8,678 deaths)

Quebec: 368,463 cases (11,105 deaths)

Alberta: 225,424 cases (2,198 deaths)

British Columbia: 142,886 cases (1,683 deaths)

Manitoba: 49,356 cases (1,035 deaths)

Saskatchewan: 46,001 cases (528 deaths)

Nova Scotia: 5,424 cases (79 deaths)

New Brunswick: 2,163 cases (43 deaths)

Newfoundland and Labrador: 1,273 cases (6 deaths)

Nunavut: 647 cases (4 deaths)

Prince Edward Island: 200 cases

North Western Region: 127 cases

Yukon: 84 cases (2 deaths)

Returned from Canada: 13 cases

Total: 1,368,106 cases (25,361 deaths)

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