COVID-19. recovering your sense of smell after

While about 60% of people infected with COVID-19 have lost their sense of smell, about 10% of them are learning to live with this persistent symptom, but researchers are trying to help them out with a study.

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According to Professor Johannes Fresnelli in the Department of Anatomy at the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivires, symptoms last from a few weeks to several months.

“Sometimes it’s people who got COVID in the first wave and still have problems with their sense of smell. So the people who are going to contact us are usually in a very depressed mood.”

Denis Beudin contracted COVID-19 last December. They estimate that their sense of smell only works on 15 or 20%. He notices everyone equally that some perfumes come back, but very slowly.

But he takes the situation with a grain of salt. “I won the grand prize for changing the litter!”

For some, it is too problematic to smell anything, because it is impossible to smell in the event of a fire or even smell your own body odor.

“It brings with it a certain psychological and social crisis,” says Dr. Otolaryngologist at Trois-Rivires Hospital. Joseon Begin-Bolduk said. “People have to adapt how they eat, how they cook.”

Doctors and researchers from the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivires (UQTR) are beginning the third part of their expanded study to test olfactory training based on odor samples.

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The results are already promising after the first two tests, as people seem to have improved their sense of smell.

Hundred participants have also been sought for this study.

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