COVID-19 | Prime Minister said that Sweden has not changed the strategy

(Stockholm) Sweden has not changed its strategy against coronovirus despite the tightening of recommendations and sanctions in the face of the increasingly heavy toll of the second wave, its prime minister said on Tuesday.

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“I can understand why we are tempted to ask: ‘Has the strategy changed?” No, this is exactly the same kind of strategy: to ensure that the spread of infection is as limited as possible, ‚ÄĚPrime Minister Stephen Lofven said in an interview with public television SVT.

“But it is clear that we can also make changes depending on the situation,” he said.

In contrast to measures imposed elsewhere in Europe, Sweden has adopted a different strategy based primarily on recommendations, with no controls and almost without concrete measures.

But with an increase in cases and deaths since this fall, the government tightened its tone in mid-November, specifically limiting public events to a maximum of eight people. Everyone has since been invited to attend members of their household.

While the control or complete closure of bars, restaurants and shops is not on the agenda, Stephen Lofven on Friday presented a new set of stringent measures and recommendations in front of a second wave that has already claimed some 2,000 lives . In this country of more than 10 million inhabitants.

On Monday, Sweden closed its border with the United Kingdom and Denmark for the first time, to avoid broadcasts involving cross-border purchases with the latter.

The introduction of visitor gauges in shops and sports halls, the range of tables against a maximum of four people in restaurants, against a maximum of eight people, and even more symbolically recommend wearing masks in public transport in early January, especially of peak hours During when distancing is impossible, the announcement was made.

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Sweden has so far not recommended wearing masks outside of health services, a unique position in Europe and even the world.

Scandinavian countries will also introduce a temporary law specifically allowing the closure of shops and restaurants, but according to the government’s plan the text should not come into force until mid-March.

However discussions are going on to speed up this process.

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