Covid-19 / Omicron Type: Seal cough, a new symptom in children –

According to American pediatricians, a variant of the Omicron coronavirus can cause laryngitis in young children. Doctors said no deaths have been reported so far, but 12% of the patients required hospitalisation.

severe cough and wheezing attack

Doctors at the Children’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts (USA) have noted the appearance of a new symptom omicron version In a recent report published in the American Journal Pediatrics. this strain coronavirus will cause more laryngitisInflammation of the larynx, the tube that connects the throat to the trachea.

This new symptom related to omicron version affects young people Children, and especially boys under the age of 2. Affected puppies have a high coughing fit with wheezing similar to the cry of a seal.

“These are not necessarily serious cases, we treat them with corticosteroids”

According to the relayed data ScenesDoctors reportedly treated 75 children COVID-19 and are affected by these symptoms. About 81% of them would have contracted omicron version, Due to severe cough, 12% of children have been treated in hospital, but no deaths have been reported at this stage.

Rousa Bruelle-P├ępin, a pediatrician at the University Hospital of Amiens (Somme), told the newspaper ParisianFrom “For about a month, we’ve seen more laryngitis in 3- to 4-year-olds and when we test them, they’re positive” To coronavirus, However, he assured that the situation is not alarming. “These are not necessarily serious cases, we treat them with corticosteroids”,

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