COVID-19: Morocco is still at the green stage (M. Mrabbet)

The level of transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in Morocco is still low, despite a judicious increase in the number of cases this week, Maud Marabet, coordinator of the National Center for Public Health Emergency Operations, assured on Monday. Morocco is still at the green stage.

In a commentary on the epidemiological situation, posted on the professional social network, LinkedIn, Mr Mrabett pointed out that the number of weekly cases has increased slightly after 8 consecutive weeks of decline. Thus, he elaborated, 76 additional cases were registered during the last week as compared to the previous week, as against the positivity rate usually recorded at 0.84% ​​at the end of week 21 to 27/03/2022. remains constant at 1%. During the week from 14 to 20/03/2022.

Regarding severe covidosis, Mr. Marabet noted that the number of new cases has remained stable over the past two weeks, with 30 patients admitted to intensive care and intensive care during the week 21 to 03/27/2022 , while 34 patients had left the hospital. hospital after his clinical conditions improved.

The official said that the number of weekly deaths recorded in the week of 21-27/03/2022 is the lowest since the week of 15-21/06/2020. Epidemic in Morocco that started in the week of 20 to 26/07/2020.

Globally, the intensity of viral circulation in the past two weeks, especially in several Western European countries, appears to have slowed, Mr Mrabbett said, noting that this resumption of cases is not accompanied by an increase in deaths, So far, although an increase in hospitalizations has been noted.

They also recall that booster dose coverage is 38% in Europe, with variation between countries (Italy: 64.2%, Denmark: 62.2%, United Kingdom: 56.8%, Spain: 52.3%, Sweden: 50.7%…etc.) , whereas in Morocco, the vaccination coverage of the general population is 16.6% from the third dose.

In conclusion, Mr. Mrabbett called for vigilance to maintain the current epidemiological situation through the adoption of two essential measures, namely compliance with barrier measures, especially the wearing of masks in places of gatherings and closed spaces (Administration, public) transport, etc.) and booster vaccination of the population, which is particularly vulnerable.

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