Covid-19: More than 40,000 protesters against health passes in France

More than 40,000 people demonstrated in France on Saturday against the “health pass”, according to figures made public by the Interior Ministry, with 171 actions recorded during the fourteenth consecutive weekend.

Attendance at these processions and rallies has been declining steadily for several weeks, according to officials, who a week ago reported 45,000 protesters nationwide.

As a reminder, on September 25, 60,000 people flocked to several French cities to protest “health passes” imposed by the government to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the ministry, 5,000 people demonstrated in four separate processions in Paris on Saturday.

Five people were arrested during rallies in France, including three in Paris. According to the same source, no member of the security forces was injured.

A bill to extend the possible use of the health pass till July 31 was approved in the Council of Ministers on Wednesday.

The health pass will be lifted “as soon as possible,” government spokesman Gabriel Attal said at the end of the council.

In France the pass became mandatory in places welcoming more than 50 people before being introduced in hospitals (except for emergencies), bars and restaurants on 21 July, then expanded to 1.8 million employees in contact on 30 August Gaya. From the public and finally of September for 12-17 year olds.

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