COVID-19: Moderna requests authorization for its vaccine for 6-11 year olds in Europe

Moderna has filed an application with the European regulator for authorization of its COVID-19 vaccine for children aged 6 to 11 years, the US biotechnology company announced on Tuesday.

The dose of the two injections, given at four-week intervals, was adjusted to 50 micrograms against 100 micrograms for the older age groups.

“We are pleased to announce the filing of this edition with the EMA,” Moderna’s boss Stefan Bunsel said in a statement, the European Medicines Agency said in a statement. “This is our first request for use in this age group,” he said.

Moderna’s vaccine is currently authorized by the EMA from age 12 onwards. But several countries, including France, on Monday advised against the use of Moderna under a certain age (30 years in France) because of concerns about the risk of myocarditis. This side effect has been especially observed in adolescents and young adults, especially men.

In late October, Moderna announced positive results from its clinical trials for children aged 6 to 11, with the vaccine eliciting “a strong immune response” with “strong” antibody levels.

On Tuesday, the company gave more details, saying that two weeks after the first dose, the vaccine was 100% effective against confirmed cases of Covid-19, which caused two symptoms (such as fever, cough, loss of taste…), Or one of these symptoms and pneumonia. These efficacy results remain preliminary and will be monitored over time.

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