COVID-19. Microsoft employees sleeping in data centers during pandemic

Is the data center as comfortable as a hotel night? According to an executive, Microsoft employees spent several nights in the company’s data centers amid the COVID-19 pandemic. CNBC, relayed by lemon juicer. The tasks of some employees were so important that they preferred not to take any risks.

Afraid of getting stuck in a traffic jam between their workplace and their home, some chose to stop. “In some countries, there was a great imprisonment, Microsoft’s corporate vice president Kristen Robbie DiMlo said. Our own employees opted to sleep in the data center because they feared they would be stuck on a road trying to get home. “

between cold and hot

Microsoft did not indicate the percentage of its employees affected by the practice, or in which countries it took place. It’s also difficult to know where the workers in the data center were able to sleep. Data centers actually get very hot near the storage servers, and cold, thanks to the action of the air conditioners.

During the pandemic, Microsoft has optimized its employees by allowing 100% teleworking. The company has also provided transportation to those who are afraid of using public transport in some cities. Others were able to stay at hotels, said Noel Walsh, vice president of the company’s cloud operations and innovation group, in April.

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