COVID 19: Messenger RNA Vaccine, What Exactly Is It?

Humanity is already facing the COVID 19 pandemic for 2 years now and various controversies arising out of the rapid discovery of vaccines by giants like Pfizer and Moderna.

This week, a viral video by American doctor Robert Malone sparked a lot of comments about the origin of the messenger RNA used primarily by these pharmaceutical companies.

In fact, many developed countries including France, America have announced to vaccinate children against Covid 19 with messenger RNA technology.

In the order of 4:40 seconds, the scientist, who introduces himself as the father of messenger RNA, argues that the injections can “damage the reproductive system,” or “genetically reset the immune system.” can do”.

Messenger RNA (mRNA)The short form for messenger ribonucleic acid, is a translation of DNA that enables the synthesis of proteins within cells., What is it really?

parent of mRNA

mRNA was discovered in 1961 by three French researchers from the Pasteur Institute: François Jacob, André Lvouf and Jacques Monod.

by looking for understand how the genetic message was read, they demonstrate thatis a molecule that acts as a link between the DNA of the nucleus and the ribosome to make proteins that are essential for its existence: they call it messenger RNA,

In 1965, thanks to this scientific progress, three researchers François Jacob, André Lvouf and Jacques Monod obtained Nobel Prize for Medicine.

Since then, messenger RNA or mRNA has been at the center of many researches, including vaccines.

Principle of mRNA based vaccine against covid 19

Traditionally, vaccination has been based on the administration of an infectious agent (virus or bacteria) that is modified and inactivated, or one of its components, to trigger a specific immune response.

With technology, it is Administer an mRNA that codes for the synthesis of SARS Cov 2 virus proteins (spike protein) In the cells of muscle tissue.

Its presence allows these cells to produce this protein on their own to protect them from disease. mRNA enters the cytoplasm of muscle cells but not the nucleus,

mRNA’s lifetime?

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You should know that mRNAs are very fragile and have a lifespan of only a few hours.

Did messenger RNA vaccines exist before covid 19?

Yes, this technique is already used in veterinary medicine in dogs against West-Nile disease, in horses against oral melanoma.

in human health, only Vaccines against Kovid-10 from Moderna and Pfizer Laboratories,

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