COVID-19: Infected pregnant women at higher risk of complications, according to AP-HP study

According to a study conducted by a team from AP-HP and a research group from the Agency for Biomedicine, pregnant women with COVID-19 are at higher risk of complications.

A team from a research group from AP-HP (Assistance Public des Hospitals de Paris) and the Agency for Biomedicine compared, in a retrospective study, the duration of “the risk of maternal morbidity for women” from January to June 2020 in France. For women with covid and other unidentified women, “hospitalized before or during childbirth”. Overall, “244,645 deliveries were included in the analysis.”

This study ultimately “suggested an association between Covid-19 and the majority of maternal and obstetric morbidities, particularly in intensive care units (ICUs), spontaneous or induced prematurity and great prematurity, preeclampsia (presence of hypertension and proteinuria). remains. urine, editor’s note), peripartum hemorrhage (during childbirth, editor’s note) and cesarean section”, specifies the Epi-HP.

“Premature birth twice as large before eight and a half months”

According to west france, which reports the findings of this study, “the proportion of premature births before 37 weeks – eight and a half months – are twice as high in COVID patients.”

Although this retrospective study would have several limitations, according to our colleagues: “By later studying the condition of pregnant women”, it “could not prove a direct cause-and-effect link between COVID-19 and the problems encountered.” Only patients with symptoms were classified as COVID cases, which does not make it possible to comment “at higher risk of problems in asymptomatic patients”.

“Since this study only included women with Covid-19 diagnosed at the end of the second or third trimester of pregnancy, it does not allow to determine the impact of Covid-19 during the early stages of pregnancy. “, the AP also specifies—in a press release H.P.

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