COVID-19 in Reunion: Omicron type 19 cases detected on island –

From 11 to 17 December, Reunion recorded 4,558 new cases of COVID-19 and 8 new deaths. Of these cases, 19 cases of the Omicron variant were reported on the island.

“From December 11 to 17, 4,068 positive tests were screened to identify a mutation: 3,532 cases presented one of the specific mutations under surveillance, i.e. a proportion of 86.5%. The delta variant mutation exceeds 95% of the mutations. represents.”, indicates the prefecture in a press release.

Since 30 November, and to date, 19 positive cases have been identified for the “Omicron” variant. “Sequencing operations are ongoing, especially for screening those considered suspicious”, the prefecture continues.

Of the 4,558 new cases for this period, we look at the reported cases:

– 2,899 cases classified as indigenous,

– imported 19 classified cases,

– 8 cases classified as secondary indigenous.

Update on cluster:

As on 21st December, 2021, 68 clusters are active and 582 clusters have been closed.

Of the 68 active groups:

– 19 are classified as “moderate”: Le Port (5), Le Tampon (3), Saint-Andre (1), Saint-Denis (2), Saint-Marie (1), Saint-Joseph (1), Saint-Louis (1), Saint-Paul (3) and Saint-Pierre (2).

– 14 are classified as “high”: Le Port (1), Le Tampon (1), Saint Benoit (1), Saint-Denis (7), Saint-Paul (1) and Saint-Pierre ( 3).

COVID-19 in Reunion: 8 deaths and 4,558 new cases

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