Covid-19: Delta “AY4.2” sub-version potentially more contagious, according to British authorities

British health officials have said they have monitored the spread of the delta subvariant in the United Kingdom, which appears to be more transmissible but not more dangerous.

The “AY4.2” version accounted for 6% of total cases in the UK last week, the UK Health Protection Agency said in its weekly bulletin, which classified it as a “version under investigation”. It therefore does not represent a “worrisome version” as it stands.

“Preliminary evidence suggests it has a higher transmission rate than Delta,” the British Public Health Agency said.

“More evidence is needed to determine whether this is related to changes in the behavior of the virus or to epidemiological status,” she said.

On the other hand, this variant “does not appear to make the more severe version of the disease or the currently distributed vaccines less effective,” she emphasized.

This version is causing concern as the UK has one of the worst levels of pollution in the world. After registering over 50,000 cases on Thursday for the first time in three months, they recorded 49,298 cases and 180 deaths on Friday.

The current wave has been attributed by some scientists to an absence of restrictions, to a decline in immunity to immunizations of the most vulnerable in the United Kingdom, but also to poor vaccination of adolescents.

According to the latest weekly National Bureau of Statistics study, England has the highest rate of infection among children, with around 8% of high school students (11–16 years old) infected in mid-October, and 2–11 year olds. for 3.8%. as against 1.79% for the entire population.

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