Covid-19: Decline in new cases worldwide except in Africa (WHO)

A covid test was done in India. Dr.

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced on Wednesday that the number of new infections with the new coronavirus continues to decline across the world over the past week, except on the African continent.

The WHO last week reported more than 3 million new cases of the coronavirus and more than 73,000 deaths worldwide.

The UN World Health Agency said in its latest weekly epidemiological bulletin, “The global incidence of cases and deaths continued to decline with 3,718,944 new weekly cases and 73,807 new deaths, down 15% and 8%, respectively, compared to the previous week.” is.”

While the incidence of COVID-19 cases declined in five of the WHO’s six health zones, Africa reported an increase in new cases.

Last week there were exactly 65,943 new infections in the WHO African region, bringing the total number of cases to 3,563,825. This is 25% more than the previous week. The region thus registered an increase in the weekly incidence of over 20% cases for the second consecutive week.

Also, the incidence of deaths increased for the third week in a row, albeit at a lower rate. The African continent has recorded more than 1,167 new deaths. This is the same number as last week, an increase of 2% (compared to a global decline of 8%).

More generally, the incidence of cases has declined in five of the WHO’s six regions. Southeast Asia (-31%) and Europe (-17%) have reported the biggest decline in the number of new cases in the past week. The Americas region as well as the eastern Mediterranean and western Pacific reported similar figures last week.

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