COVID-19: Children suffering from postponement of surgery and delay in health

we are scared, launched the desperate Jeff Germain. Last year, their 10-year-old son Loik, who was suffering from leukemia, had a stroke again. Since then, he has regularly undergone heavy chemotherapy treatments that greatly weaken his immune system, making him more vulnerable to infections.

Loïc has already made three stays in intensive care. In total, he spent about twenty days there.

According to Alberta health officials, critical care across the province currently stands at 86%, despite adding 137 beds to accommodate patients with COVID-19.

If she gets another infection, will there be room for her in intensive care?, Jeff Germain worries.

important results

In an email, Alberta Health Services (AHS) confirms that it has canceled all elective surgeries in the province, including pediatric surgery, due to an increase in COVID-19 patients and a shortage of health workers in hospitals.

Only urgent surgery, which is essential to life within 3 days and prioritized, such as for cancer, is maintained.

Mary Brindle, a pediatric surgeon at Alberta Children’s Hospital, is concerned about the consequences of postponing planned surgeries for her patients.

She says that in some cases, waiting can lead to complications or the progression of certain diseases.

it’s so stressful, she moans.

The situation on the ground is very serious.

A quote from:Mary Brindle, pediatric surgeon, Alberta Children’s Hospital

For his part, Jeff Germain notes that health workers are exhausted and their morale is broken. Even though cancer patients are given priority, he says they have already faced delays.

Last month, for example, he had to go to the emergency hospital with his son, who had a fever. However, the boy’s care was delayed by several hours due to lack of staff.

He should have got treatment in 30 minutes, not after 6 hours, he says.

The father hopes that his family’s stories will raise awareness of the potential consequences of his choices for those who refuse vaccination.

Get vaccinated for children who are in dire need of the health care system, he said.

With information from Stephanie Russo and Jennifer Lee

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