COVID-19: A new nasal sprayed vaccine?

The spray vaccine will not replace messenger RNA vaccines. They will be supplemented specifically with the aim of reducing the transmission of the virus.

We are at that stage of the pandemic where we have to really focus on reducing transmission. RNA vaccines are very effective in fighting viruses, but are not designed to be effective in limiting transmission. They do it a little, but it’s not their primary goalMarc-André Langlois, director of the Rapid Response Network for Coronavirus Variants and Professor at the University of Ottawa, explains.

Researchers are trying to develop a vaccine in the form of a nasal spray

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The researchers opted for a vaccine administered through the nose, specifically because the COVID-19 viruses enter through the respiratory tract.

Intramuscular vaccines may have educated the immune system for the first time. Intranasal vaccine intended to boost immunity, but in a very localized manner to the mucous membranes of the respiratory tractDr. Langlois explains over the morning show’s microphone first hour,

Illustration showing the BA.2 sub-version of Omicron

Illustration showing the BA.2 sub-version of Omicron

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Effective against variants

According to preliminary results, the vaporizer works well against circulating variants. It is designed to attack the most stable areas of the virus.

The vaccine is not yet in the Health Canada approval stage for use in the population.

This is a prototype. We are in the pre-clinical phase before the first phase. The tests are done with mice to measure the immune response. If we are able to demonstrate efficacy, we can consider phase one clinical trials.Researchers say.

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easy to produce

If the results prove conclusive and the spray vaccine receives all the necessary authorizations, it will be much easier and easier to produce it on a large scale.

This is a technique where plants are used to make viral proteins. These plants can be grown in large numbers. The production cost is relatively low and can be deployed on a very large scale in different countriesRefers the variant of the coronavirus to the Director of the Rapid Response Network.

At the moment this is purely academic research. No pharmaceutical company is associated with it.

With information by Claude Bernaches and Felix Morrissette Beaulieu

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