COVID-19: A man has been fined £ 2,600 in Taiwan for violating the coronavirus rule for eight seconds. World news

Taiwan fined him more than 2,600 after graduating for holding a hotel room for eight seconds, the country’s national news agency reported.

The Filipino immigrant worker left his room at the Kaohsiung Hotel, where he also quarantined him on Saturday by leaving something outside the door of a friend who was isolated.

Hotel staff reported him to authorities after he was caught on CCTV, Taiwan’s health department told the Central News Agency.

The migrant worker, who arrived in Taiwan last month, was fined an NT $ 100,000 (£ 2,645) shortly after breaking the segregation rules.

There has been a recent increase in COVID-19 cases imported into Taiwan, forcing health authorities to crack down on violators.

There are 5 hotels in Kehsinghung where international visitors are separated for 14 days after entering the country.

Anyone who violates the segregation rules can be fined between NT $ 100,000 (2,645) and NT $ 1000,000 (26 26,830).

Taiwan has been hailed as a success story during the epidemic, recording 33 confirmed cases and seven deaths.

The country was quick to implement strict border controls and mandatory segregation for all travelers and those on the island who were actively wearing masks.

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