COVID-19. 35,000 French people benefited from non-vaccine treatment

Just over 35,000 patients have received authorization to receive one of four anti-Covid treatments approved in France in parallel with vaccination campaigns, health officials announced on Thursday 24 February.

“Currently in France, four treatments are subject to early access to care for people at high risk of a severe form of the Covid-19 disease: Zewoodi, Paxlovid, Ronaprev and Evusheld”The National Agency for the Safety of Medicines (ANSM) recalled in a press release.

“In total, more than 16,000 requests for treatment of patients” […] RonaPrev has been accepted since early access began, and over 14,000 (for) Avusheld”The agency explained in detail.

for both treatments […] Xevudy and Paxlovid, authorized for early access in early 2022 and maintaining neutral activity against the Omicron variant, have 4,257 and 1,500 applications, respectively, authorized for use”She continued to announce that she would update this report regularly.

Treatment dedicated primarily to immunocompromised people

These treatments, which are synthetic antibodies with the exception of the Paxlovid pill from Pfizer, are specifically targeted at immunocompromised people who are at high risk of developing a severe form even after vaccination.

For one of them, Evusheld from AstraZeneca, it is also used instead of vaccination, which is known to be ineffective for some patients. Others are given as palliative treatment to prevent progression to an acute form.

Roche’s case of Ronaprev is also unique: it is approved only against the delta variant, now much more in the minority than Omicron against which this treatment appears to be ineffective.

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