Covax is promised 250 million doses over the next few weeks

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28/07/2021 19:15

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced on Wednesday that “donations of anti-Covid vaccines will increase” for the Kovax system, providing “250 million additional doses over the next six to eight weeks”.

Covax, the “global risk-sharing mechanism for equitable procurement and equitable distribution of a cluster of COVID-19 vaccines”, has so far distributed 152 million doses to 137 of them.

In its weekly operational report made public on Wednesday, the WHO emphasized during a recent meeting of the UN crisis management team that “more vaccines will be donated to the COVAX system, making 250 million more vaccines available over the next six months.” eight weeks.”

Serum Institute in India, a major producer of AstraZeneca vaccines, was initially intended to play a major role in the distribution of vaccines under the Kovax system, but due to the outbreak of the pandemic in that country, New Delhi has banned their export. . Combat the spread of Covid-19 in the Indian Territory.

Thus Covax is increasingly dependent on vaccine donations by the richest countries, who have bought more doses than they need.

“Global demand for vaccines far exceeds supply, leaving millions of[people]most vulnerable vulnerable,” said Seth Berkeley, head of the Vaccine Alliance (Gavi), while increasing vaccine coverage around the world is the best shield for us. Is.”

The Vaccine Alliance, along with WHO and the Coalition for Innovation in Epidemic Preparedness (SEPI), is one of the partners of the COVAX system.

WHO regularly condemns the disparity in access to vaccination between people in poor and wealthy countries.

For 2021-2022, Kovax expects to receive at least 610 million doses funded by donors.

Of this total, the United States must provide 260 million, European Union countries 200 million, the United Kingdom 80 million, and Canada and Japan 30 million each.

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