Courteney Cox: Actress stuns fans on the set of Central Perk.

friend Friends fans have been visiting the film sets of the sitcom for years, which was the holy grail of tourism fantasy, but some were lucky enough to have a special experience recently, because Courteney Cox was working that day!

The Monica Geller actress has been working a few extra hours lately, working the gift shop, checking entry cards at the gates and serving coffee at Central Perk.

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He is currently on the sets of his new horror comedy for Starz. shining valeAnd took advantage of production breaks to create cute Instagram content, so you’re unlikely to bump into that on a regular basis. However, we imagine that the people who were able to meet him were over the moon.

Kourtney was a recent producer friend And for this show was nominated for an Emmy Award. He is the only one of six lead actors who were not nominated for an Emmy Award during the glory days of the series.

Of course, the actress is thrilled to receive the award, but she recently admitted that she still regrets not being nominated for her performance as the only member of the main cast.

Speaking of the reunion, Jennifer Aniston recently admitted that it was indeed a “brutal” experience.

“Going back is kind of nostalgic, which is also a little sad, you know, because a lot has changed and we’ve all taken different paths, some easy and some not so easy for everyone.’ Between us…. It was brutal, and you can’t turn it off,” she said.

“There are cameras everywhere and I can’t stop crying… I think it actually made us shoot a lot more than we expected.” “

friend It airs on Netflix in France, where it also airs daily on TMC. In the United States, you can watch the series streaming here HBO Max. Place friend Available on Reunion Special Sky and now in the UK, and HBO Max in the United States of America.

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