Cosmosity, Pulsar, Micromega, what is the name of the future science center of the city?

Cosmocité, Pulsar, Micromega, you have until 15 September to choose a name for the Grenoble Metropolitan Science Center of the future. A space dedicated to Earth, cosmology and environmental science with a planetarium, which will open its doors in Pont-de-Clex at the end of 2022.

Metropol de Grenoble has just started consultations for the choice of a future name. Science Center of Pont-de-Clax. Three proposals have been made: Cosmosity, Pulsar, Micromega. Group residents and potential visitors are invited to vote by 15 September.

one name, one meaning

Each of the three names is suggestive. The list was compiled from work done during a participatory workshop organized by Metropolis and a day bringing together approximately thirty scientists, professionals in scientific culture and representatives of the municipalities involved. Now it’s up to you to decide what the science center of the future must offer:

Cosmosity : Universe refers to the universe, infinitely large. The city calls for a city, a community of citizens.

micromega The : suffix micro suggests infinitely small and mega infinitely large.

Pulsar A pulsar is a neutron star that spins very rapidly on its own. Heartbeat measures the pulse rate, which marks the heartbeat. In music, the beat is the accent marked at the beginning of each beat.

science for all

There is no question of making the future Grenoble Metropolitan Science Center an elite place. The aim of this project is to make science more popular, accessible to all. And why not encourage businesses.

The center will be equipped with a planetarium, an immersive 3D room, a permanent exhibition space and a gazebo. Over approximately 2,000 square metres, the public will be able to learn about the Earth, the universe, and environmental science.

The science center will be located at the very symbolic site of the Grands Moulins de Villancourt in Pont-de-Cleix. The architecture is partly inspired by the old flour mill (it has notably preserved its symbol tower). If all goes well, work begins on May 28, for delivery in late 2022!

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