Coronovirus, France prohibits arrival and departure for non-EU countries. 839 deaths in Germany, 1,245 in Britain

The number of deaths due to coronavirus still remains high GermanyThe total since the onset of the epidemic recorded by the Robert Koch Institute, which now exceeds 55 thousand 839 victims. They also registered on the last day 14,022 new transitions. “We are on the right track and we have to move forward consistently,” said the President of the Robert Koch Institute, Lothar WillerAt a press conference in Berlin with the Minister of Health, Jens span. Wieler warns of easing measures as Germany still continues Lockdown duro Started on 16 December: “Le Terrapi intensive I still Very upset And the worsening of the situation will not be manageable. There are more and more outbreaks due to the contagion of the new version ”.

France – On the other hand, according to the France premiere Jean Castex, “In light of the latest data” may still be Chance to avoid lockdown“. A surprise announcement that denies Forecast As of the last few days, a new total lockout was now given. For Sunday evening, in fact, a live TV speech was expected Emmanuel Macron. To prevent the situation from worsening, however, France will be closed from Sunday until midnight Borders To try to stop the spread of the coronovirus epidemic, with countries outside the European Union “except for compelling reasons”. Castex then announced that “policemen and lingams would be mobilized to check Failure to comply with Curfew“. ” Violation Some said – Premier should not disappoint All efforts“. Also, from Monday “all Shopping center Non-food products with an area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters are the ones who favor people the most. ” Remote work will be “reinforced” in all companies where “it is possible”. All measures that aim to avoid another lockdown in front of one Fingering plateau About 18-20 thousand cases a day are now stable for several weeks. Assessor, second Bfm, Will be the latest data on the effects of the 6pm curfew. One hypothesis is that Macron may eventually choose an option Lockdown “ibrido”, That is, “less difficult for young people”, according to Bfm, With Open school I Accessible universities In attendance at least one day a week.

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Japan – Meanwhile de Japanese Government Announced delivery Vaccines For More than 65 peopleOne of the priority bands in the country, will be held no earlier than April. The Administrative Reforms Minister said, Taro Kono, Who is also the person in charge of coordinating the vaccines by the Premier Yoshihida Suga. “Vaccination for older people will start from April 1st. I urge the provinces to take appropriate precautions, “Kono said during an online meeting with the governor of Tokushima, Kamon Izumi, Who also serves as the president of the National Association of the 47 provinces of the archipelago. Kono said the campaign would last for about 2 months and three weeks and would end in the third week of June. As for vaccinations for the rest of the population, Kono said he is still unable to provide an answer.

Britain – New daily transition to Kovid settled at a high level About 29 thousand (More than 750 thousand swabs per day in the United Kingdom), grappling with the consequences of the aggression of the so-called English version of Coronavirus. Government data for the last 24 hours testify to which it has increased by approx. 30% reduction in cases Recorded in the last week for the effect of Third National Lockout And the general tightening imposed in the country. 1,245 died. Meanwhile, the RT index of infection prevalence is adjusted to a level of 0.7–1.1 in the Kingdom: with a decrease from 0.8 to 0.7 in territories where the infection has begun to slowly retreat London), But an increase from 1 to 1.1, so beyond the danger range, in individual areas where the rebound came later due to the ‘English version’. Finally, the number of Vaccinated people (About 7.9 million individuals, now including 90% of the more than eighty on the island), with an increase of nearly half a million in 24 hours to the total number of recipients receiving the total dose.

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Russia In the last 24 hours, 19,238 cases of Kovid-19 and 534 deaths from the Saras-Cove-2 virus have been detected. The regions with the most infections on the last day are Moscow, with 2,799 cases, 2,284 St. Petersburg, and the Moscow region with 1,044.

Other Countries – Very different numbers in United States of america, Where there are 164,665 instead of cases with 3,872 deaths. But to climb the sad ranking of the most afflicted countries in the world Mexico, Where it was decided to adopt a soft line in the context of sanctions in some federal states: it passedIndia Kovid ranks third after number of victims America I Brazil. According to Johns Hopkins University, the country currently has 155,145 victims against 154,010 in India, with a population of over a million.

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