Coronavirus: update on the epidemic

New measures, new reports and highlights: an update on the latest development of the Kovid-19 epidemic worldwide.

– Pfizer vaccine not linked to death (EMA) –

The European Medicine Agency (EMA) said on Friday that the Pfizer / BioNotech Kovid-19 vaccine is not related to post-death vaccination and has no new side effects.

– European Union: Decision on the authority of the AstraZeneca vaccine –

The European Medicine Agency on Friday decided on the authority in the European Union of AstraZeneca vaccine.

If approved, this vaccine will be the third to receive a green light from EMA after FFA-BioNotech and Modern.

Germany expects the AstraZeneca vaccine to be approved by the European Union but with “restrictions” specifically related to efficacy on people over 65 years of age.

The European Union published on Friday that the contract was signed with AstraZeneca last year to pre-order its vaccine, parts of which became controversial, blackened for confidentiality reasons, because of major delays in delivery The group is under pressure due to.

– Hungary approves Chinese vaccines –

Hungary became the first European Union country to approve a vaccine from the Chinese laboratory Sinopharm, a week after it was developed by Russia amid criticism of the “slowness” of the process.

– More than 2.19 million dead –

According to a report set up by AFP on Friday from official sources, the worldwide epidemic has killed more than 2.19 million people since late December 2019. More than 101.4 million cases of infection have been diagnosed.

The United States has the most deaths (433,206), followed by Brazil (221,547), Mexico (155,145), India (154,010) and the United Kingdom (103,126).

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Globally, the death toll has been underestimated. It is based on daily reports of national health officials.

– off limits –

The United Kingdom will close its borders for those arriving from the United Arab Emirates, Burundi and Rwanda, to avoid importing new variants at 1:00 pm GMT on Friday.

In Norway, the border closure for non-residents goes into effect on Friday.

– Recession –

France experienced a historic recession in 2020 due to the epidemic and the forced stagnation of many activities. According to INSEE’s first estimate, the decline is slightly stronger than expected, with a contraction of GDP of 8.3%, which was previously estimated at -9%.

In Spain, GDP fell by 11% last year, according to the first official estimate released on Friday.

– WHO experts on the ground in Wuhan –

Experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) finally began investigating their field in Wuhan (central China) on Friday about the origin of coronovirus, which should lead them to particularly sensitive sites after 14 days of quarantine.

– China: 220 billion masks exported in 2020 –

The Commerce Ministry exported some 220 billion surgical masks last year, which the Commerce Ministry said on Friday amid foreign demand for medical devices against the epidemic.

– Waiting time calculator for vaccination –

Two researchers have developed a calculator, which is free to access on the Internet, to estimate the waiting time, in many countries, to be vaccinated.

The “Immunization Queue Calculator” is available on the Omni calculator site for ten days, and the tool is based on statistical and health institutions and data from the site.

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