Coronavirus today. United Kingdom gears up to abandon Covid Green Pass


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A doctor administers a COVID-19 saliva test to a 5-year-old boy, Paul, at the Théâtre de Verdure in Nice, France, January 13, 2022 (Photo Reuters / Gaillard)
  • US Supreme Court bans vaccine requirement in large companies

    The Supreme Court blocked the application of a provision wanted by the Biden administration that provides a vaccination obligation against Covid-19 or a swab for private companies with more than 100 workers, but extends it to employees of healthcare facilities. Authorizes that they receive federal contributions. This was reported by the political information and current affairs site “Politico”. The federal provision, which affected 84 million workers, was rejected by the Court with a conservative majority of 6 to 3.

    According to the judges, the administration does not have the power to impose such a requirement on large corporations without the permission of Congress. However, the vaccine remains required for health care workers working in facilities receiving federal funds. The Court was divided on both counts: the first 6 to 3, with liberal judges dissenting, the second 5 to 4, Presidents John G. Roberts Jr. and Brett M. Kavanaugh joined his progressive allies.

  • The United Kingdom moves to abandon the Covid Green Pass

    UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid has decided that green COVID-19 certification is no longer necessary as the wave of Omicron-type infections is decreasing in the country, the Times reported, citing an unnamed government source. British politics has always considered the possession of certified proof of vaccination or a negative test to be a particularly cumbersome requirement for entry to major events in England, and is now oriented to consider it no more necessary within a few weeks according to the source. Seems like. Government.

  • Italy towards orange, trailing regions on ISS health data

    Italy towards the orange for the entrance threshold. Calabria and Piedmont will probably pass on Monday, with another 10 regions at risk. The peninsula, on the other hand, is the color of greatest risk of all, deep red, in the map updated by the ECDC. The region is asking to simplify life for people who are positive for Covid but have been vaccinated and have no health problems: “don’t treat asymptomatic people as cases”. But the ISS backs down: “Surveillance must include all positives”.

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