Coronavirus today. 49,298 infections and 180 deaths in the United Kingdom

One in 60 people in the UK are infected with the testing boom

According to weekly estimates from the Office for National Statistics, the total percentage of the total number of people currently infected by Covid in the United Kingdom comes back after a reduction in the number of surveys over the past 7 days. ) Indications – also derived from the very high number of tests, which yesterday exceeded 1.1 million in 24 hours – count the total of infections, referring to the week of October 15, one for every 60 residents of the country. equal to a person. That is, about 11 lakh infected in the total number. Estimates point to the greatest increase in the age group of children between the ages of 7 and 11, for whom the island’s medical and health authorities do not yet recommend vaccines; And of which, however, asymptomatic or non-serious cases are predominant.

In the subdivision among the Kingdom’s 4 nations, Wales has the highest rate of cases (one for every 45 residents), followed by England (one in every 55, peaking in January) and Scotland (in the major ) is the location. After previously reopening schools in recent weeks, but now down to one in 90). The best figure is from Northern Ireland (one out of 130), where, however, the local government of Belfast has decided (like Edinburgh or Cardiff on a pandemic emergency, depending on the transfer from London autonomously) a precautionary check for discos and nightclubs. Announce further relaxation today.

Instead, Westminster Parliament continues to discuss the attitude of most representatives of the Tory majority to not wearing masks in the courtroom. The sword was defended yesterday by Minister for Relations with the House of Commons (or Leader of the House), liberal Jacob Rees-Mogg. But after Boris Johnson’s government was denounced as “hypocritical” by the Labor opposition – although without reinstating liability – in recent days “recommend” all citizens to cover their faces at least on the subway and in all has been restarted. Crowded public places.

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