Coronavirus: This Delta Edition That Doesn’t Want You So Well…

The variant Delta (Indian), responsible for up to 4% of new contamination and worse than the ferret, runs across the planet. So much so that they have already transferred to the variant Delta Plus (A hybrid variant, whose mutation is similar to the English and Indian forms and would be “rapidly transmissible in the air). But who is this shameless one who is replacing the alpha version and who is so fearful about people’s health?

The Indian version or “Delta” was first seen October 5, 2020 near Nagpur, A city in central India located in Maharashtra. It is a new mutant of Sars-CoV-2, the virus responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic, which results from fifteen specific mutations, said epidemiologists in New Delhi. This Indian variant is currently identical to the Brazilian and South African variants.

Its scientific name is B.1.617.2, which includes 3 sublineages in the lineage of the same name, characterized by the L452R and P681R mutations in this case, B.1.617.1 (kappa), B.1.617 .2 (Delta) and B. 1.617.3, of which only its baptismal name is known for the time being. The delta, often (in India, the United Kingdom, the United States …) and which spreads without fear and disdain and in which we are interested, has been classified as “alarming” by the World Health Organization (WHO) is. “It has become clear that greater risks to the public are associated with B.1.617.2, while lower transmission rates have been observed along other sublines”, specifies the WHO in its weekly epidemiological update on the pandemic.

The delta variant is becoming more and more majority in many countries and is gaining ground, with a WHO pre-study also predicting a pandemic rebound in late summer, with governments calling for vigilance and especially vaccination. Huh. In the United Kingdom, deltas account for almost all new cases reported.

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In Portugal, more than half of the cases of coronavirus contamination diagnosed in the Lisbon region are now due to the so-called Indian variant. Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has warned of a new wave of contamination after travelers blaming a delta version offered to Israel by a rise in the number of patients. To combat the outbreak of COVID-19 due to this mutation, Moscow announced the imposition of a health pass for visiting restaurants from June 28.

his symptoms? They are typical of dame covid, the fact that it is more contagious than other strains. In descending order we would say, headache, nasal congestion, sore throat, muscle pain, sometimes diarrhea, Or bleeding from the nose or throat, coughing and sneezing are often characteristic of the virus’s grip on the human body. In short, symptoms that are similar to a “bad cold”, especially in young people “which will develop when affected in any case, these symptoms may be mild. So the first symptom would be a headache, followed by a sore throat, There will be runny nose and fever.Lack of smell is not the top of these symptoms.

Now questioning their resistance to vaccines, like others that still prevail, would be futile. Nevertheless, a “reactive vaccination strategy” (vaccination around people who are infected) is recommended. But the Indian version, it is said, will divide the number of antibodies produced by Moderna and Pfizer vaccines by three, although they have been shown to be effective. For the AstraZeneca vaccine: “two positions (previously described mutation) appear to be particularly powerful, because they can Avoid Antibodies« .

However, a study conducted exclusively by the University of Oxford and which aimed to study the effectiveness of the COMIRNATY® (Pfizer) and VAXZEVRIA® (AstraZeneca) vaccines against the delta variant, showed that the effectiveness of the vaccine against symptomatic forms of the vaccine. The infection progresses even after giving 2 doses. A June 14 Public Health England (PHE) study shows that two doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine followed by a 92% protection against hospitalization due to the delta variant.

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