Coronavirus: The death toll in the UK’s Cavid-19 has risen to 143, according to official figures. UK News

According to official figures, the total number of deaths in the UK has reached 43,016 and the number of people who have died from coronavirus has risen to 143.

The number has been the highest daily since June and comes as new parts of the country face stricter social distance restrictions under the new three-tier warning system.

In the last 24 hours, the number of positive cases has increased to 1,17,234, bringing the total to 6334,920.

The number rose to 13,972 on Monday.

Public Health England (PHE) says the growing number of Kavid-19 deaths is “related”.

PHE Medical Director. Evone Doyle says: “The trend of covid-related deaths is starting to grow rapidly, which is extremely worrying.

“We have seen an increase in cases, especially in the elderly, which leads to more hospital admissions.

“It’s a direct reminder for us to follow the guidelines.

“Importantly, don’t mix with others when you’re sick.

“We must all work together to help control the virus by following restrictions in our area, maintaining social distance, covering our faces in confined spaces, and washing our hands regularly.”

The 143 deaths reported on Tuesday were higher than the 611 deaths confirmed on the same day last week.

The latest figure was more than 16 deaths on the same day last month.

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