Coronavirus: Strictly, top gear and successors reveal how they are filming during the epidemic UK News

Katie Piper and fellow Strictly Come Dancing contestant Joe Sugg

Strictly speaking, the cast and crew of Dance, Top Gear and Legacy TV show have revealed how they plan to film during the Coronavirus epidemic.

After a drop Coronavirus In various cases in the UK over the summer, many TV shows have resumed filming, but have to make contingency plans for the second wave.

Strictly speaking, the dance authorities say that they are ready to film the show with the general audience, socially isolated or without.

Top Gear hosts Freddie Flintoff (pictured), Paddy McGuinness and Chris Harris have filmed the new season in the UK only.
Top Gear hosts Freddie Flintoff (pictured), Paddy McGuinness and Chris Harris have filmed the new season in the UK only.

The new series will begin next month and will run for nine weeks instead of 13 – to give more time for filming instead of 13 in the regular space.

Strictly Executive producer Sarah James says: “We have no plans for the audience, we have plans for the remote audience, and we have plans for the full audience and … no matter what happens we must follow the government’s guidelines.”

Chris Harris, co-host at Top Gear, says the crew is using the new series to show “how beautiful this country is” COVID-19 Canceled any travel plans.

He said: “When we were filming with the three of us after the lockdown, it was all done in the UK – it seemed like the right thing to do.

“To re-center, come back to the UK, show how beautiful this country is and what kind of place and location we’ve got is a good thing.”

Harris said he hopes he, Paddy McGuinness and Freddie Flintoff will be able to travel again in about a year, while they are hoping a vaccine will be available.

Stars star Brian Cox starred with his HBO co-stars
Stars star Brian Cox starred with his HBO co-stars

Following the demise of HBO in the United States, heir Brian Cox said the show could not begin filming the third series until next year amid concerns over virus numbers.

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The program, which stars Cox as Media Magnet Logan Roy, has its own testing unit, he said.

“We’ve dealt with our own medical department with the COID thing. We’re leaving, but it won’t be possible anytime soon in November-August, not even until the start of next year.”

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Strictly speaking, the band is unable to fit the band “Pitt” with social distance, so only key members will be filmed at night – and others pre-recorded earlier in the week, he added.

BBC officials have asked all dancing couples to form support bubbles, which means taking part in the series until one of the two has to be alone.

Judge Bruno Tonolio will be absent at the start of the season, as he is filming the US version of the show – Dancing with the Stars – but will return later.

Top Gear will return to BBC One on 4 October and strictly 17 October.

Meanwhile, filming on the ITV drama Vera has resumed – wearing crew masks and masks – it will be shut down due to the epidemic after it was confirmed in March.

Top actress Brenda Blathin yn will return to the role of Detective Chief Inspector Vera Stanhope after the first two episodes of the 11 series air next year.

The remaining four episodes will be filmed from the spring of 2021 for airing in 2022.

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