Coronavirus: | Stone Roses star Ian Brown faces negative reactions for ‘anti-vax’ tweet UK News

The singer has not elaborated on the controversial tweet

Singer Ian Brown has a negative reaction to one of his tweets suggesting he appeared against coronavirus vaccines, lockdowns and face masks.

Former Stone Rose frontman, 57, was tortured when he posted: “No lockdown, no test, no track, no mask, no VAX #researchanddestroy.”

Fellow musicians and other Twitter users said they were “burned” Brown apparently supported the “anti-vaxxer” (anti-vaccine) opinion.

He has not yet elaborated on the explosion, which received thousands of comments, likes and shares.

Reverend and producer posted on Twitter account: “I love Ian Brown so much that he tweeted tbh.”

One of his fans wrote: “Your music Ian Love but I seriously hope you’ve been hacked.”

Another commented: “I’m willing to turn my sad music heroes into T *** shots”.

Brown ex-bandmate John Squire appeared to balance Ian Brown’s tweet with a security alert.

He posted: “See yourself and others #morecambeandwise after wearing a mask to stay safe …”

But there were a number of people who tweeted their support of Brown.

One of them said: “The amount of sheeple in this thread is not unrealistic, man telling the truth 99% of people did not wear a mask at his ‘peak’ now everyone is on the car of popularity, the government has all that to say about it. Consent, get a grip man . “

Others have posted “Amen” and “Amazing. God Bless”.

But he continues to be criticized for using his platform irresponsibly.

One person wrote: “Yes, all the dye days from the preventable disease like the year 1348 [when the Black Death hit]”

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DJ Dave Haslam added that co-composer Tuts Hibbert, the band Tuts R and Maytals were specifically placed in Jamaica Intensive Care as a result Coronavirus.

Last Saturday, hundreds of protesters gathered in Trafalgar Square in central London carrying anti-vaccine and anti-lockdown placards.

Pierce CorbinFormer Labor leader Jeremy’s older brother, who was among 11 people, said they could be fined £ 10,000 for organizing the march and violating coronavirus regulations.

A recent survey has revealed that Only 53% of British Will get a certain or very likely COVID-19 Vaccination.

Researchers at Kings College London (KCL) and Ipsos Mori, 2,237 people between 16 and 75, voted less responsible for the “harmful misperceptions”.

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