Coronavirus: Sputnik V may never be authorized in the EU, according to Dragis

As the world introduces a post-vaccination health passport to facilitate travel, the Russian vaccine Sputnik V may never be recognized in the European region, a statement from Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said.

At a press conference in Brussels, the head of the Italian government said that the Sputnik vaccine “could never receive approval from the EMA”, the European Medicines Agency, whose recommendations are taken into account whether or not to be authorized by EU member states. being kept. covid sera.

The head of the Italian government talked not only about the Russian vaccine, but also about another vaccine, this time the Chinese, showing reservations about its effectiveness. This is the coronavirus vaccine from the Sinovac laboratory, the second vaccine manufactured by China after two from the Sinopharm laboratory.

“The Chinese vaccine (…) is proving to be insufficient, look at the experience in Chile,” he declared. However, like other vaccines produced by Western countries, three Chinese vaccines have been authorized by the World Health Organization (WHO).

However, they go against the requirements of EU countries that do not recognize them, which means that people vaccinated with one of these vaccines will have to introduce more restrictive measures to travel, such as mandatory Quarantine, or multiple screening tests.

Within the European Union, two countries have vaccinated with Sputnik V, Slovakia and Hungary. Several other countries have chosen the Sputnik vaccine, such as Algeria, Mexico, Argentina, Kenya, Iran, about forty countries in total.

Faced with the guidelines given by the EMA, which clashed with the decisions taken by the countries, the head of the Italian government felt that the European institution needed reform and strengthening to avoid the contradictions seen.

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