Coronavirus: Sailors were isolated after a positive HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier test. UK News

EMBARGOED TO 0001 FRIDAY JUNE 26 Handout file photo dated 13/10/19 issued by the Ministry of Defence of a UK F-35 Lightning jet on HMS Queen Elizabeth for the first time. The Royal Navy's ability to operate its two new aircraft carriers may be severely restricted due to a lack of support vessels to keep them supplied, the Whitehall spending watchdog has warned.

Several sailors have tested positive for coronavirus in HMS Queen Elizabeth’s aircraft carrier, the Department of Defense said.

Tested positively for the “less than ten” of the 1000-strong group COVID-19 On The ship, The entire crew jumped for the virus before the last deployment.

Those who tested positive were taken to the coast to be isolated in the barracks.

The ship’s planned voyage has been pushed back 24 hours and already 100 crew are dismantling the ship after coming in contact with positive test takers.

The 655,000-ton HMS Queen Elizabeth is currently in Portsmouth where she was scheduled to leave for training practice, but will now depart on Tuesday.

Due to the Kruna virus it was too late to start the journey for the second time, after two crew members Tested positive in April.

A Royal Navy spokesman said: “A large number of HMS Queen Elizabeth’s staff have tested positive for Covid in preparation for the ship’s routine.

“The NHS is working with tests and trace systems to make sure the victims are isolated and the virus does not spread further.

“The crew will follow proper health guidelines and they will leave once HMS Queen Elizabeth’s condition is confirmed.”

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The spokesman added that it ultimately relied on the ship’s commanding officer, Captain Angus Essenhe, to decide when it could sail again and that public health would work in England’s direction.

HMS Queen Elizabeth entered service in 2017.

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It is using training exercises – involving UK and US F-35 lightning jets – to announce that it is capable of a strike carrier before its first operational deployment next year.

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