Coronavirus. Restoration of relations between France and Great Britain on Wednesday subject to conditions

The European Commission on Tuesday recommended that EU member states facilitate the resumption of traffic with the UK to “travel essentials” and “avoid supply chain disruptions”.

Test or quarantine for passengers

“Union citizens and UK citizens of their member states or countries of residence, as well as third country citizens who enjoy free movement rights in the EU, should be exempted from any additional temporary restrictions provided. Whether they undergo a trial or quarantine ”, specifies the recommendation.

“Transport personnel must, within the European Union, be exempt from any travel restrictions across any border and free from testing and quarantine requirements when crossing a border on their way to a ship, vehicle or vessel. Aircraft and back, “Adds the recommendation.

Most EU member states have suspended connections on Monday and travel with the United Kingdom by air, sea, rail and road after the virus has a presence in this country. The measures were taken “as a precaution” for a period of 24 to 48 hours, but Germany and Luxembourg have decided to close their borders by 6 January.

Compulsory examination for travelers desirous of coming to France

France has already announced that it has reached an agreement with London on Wednesday for the restoration of the link.

France announced on Wednesday, subject to a negative Kovid test, the withdrawal of French people from the United Kingdom and those living in France or the European region or “must make the necessary trips”, announced Tuesday.

Those concerned will be “systematically subject to liability, prior to departure, the result of a negative test of less than 72 hours (for Kovid-19”), either PCR or antigen, provided that this is what Matignon said the channel’s new The version is sensitive.

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“We’ve worked tirelessly with our counterparts and British officials (…) since yesterday morning to allow boats, apparently trains and Eurostars and aircraft to be able to safely restart.” , French Transport Minister Jean-Baptiste Jebebari announced on Tuesday.

Quick test for all drivers

The British government also announced on Tuesday evening that it had reached an agreement with France, which allowed stranded heavy truck drivers in the United Kingdom to leave the country with a quick Kovid test.

“All truck drivers, regardless of their nationality, must undergo screening”, the Transport Ministry said in a statement. The protocol will be reviewed on 31 December but “may remain in force until 6 January,” he said.

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