Coronavirus: NHS England will go to the highest alert level from midnight after the increase in ICU patients. UK News

NHS England is set to go to the highest alert level from midnight today.

Sir Simon Stevens, chief executive of healthcare, said the move to the fourth tier was in response to the “temporary situation” moving forward. Coronavirus Patients in need of intensive care.

Coronavirus Lockdown: Follow the latest live updates

There are “22 hospital valuable” here COVID-19 Patients in hospitals in England, he said.

The four incident levels are used throughout the NHS, meaning the four levels will be coordinated by the NHS England in response to the epidemic-related healthcare response in collaboration with local commissioners.

The general public will not see any difference if they use the NHS, but this means that the NHS England agency soon had to take responsibility for ensuring that all services were properly supported.

The last level of the epidemic was at the beginning of the epidemic before it reached three levels in July.

Sir Simon said there had been a “substantial” increase in “critically ill patients in the hospital” in October.

“In many parts of the country we are now seeing more coronavirus instants than we saw in the first peak of April in hospitals and intensive care,” he said.

He added that the NHS wants to spread the carnavirus “out of control” so that other services are not disrupted.

“The facts are clear, we’re in a serious situation again. It’s not a situation that anyone wanted to discover, the worst epidemic in a century, but the real issue is the NHS here.”

“People can help you so that our excellent staff – our nurses, doctors, our paramedics – can look after you and your family when you need them.”

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Starmer: PM ‘continuing with Covid’

The head of the NHS England added that he believed there should be one or more “optimists” in the UK. Covid-19 vaccines In the first part of next year.

“In anticipation of this, we are ready to begin preparations for the delivery of CVD vaccines to the NHS before Christmas,” he said.

“We have reached an agreement with the GPs on how to perform this contract and once the vaccine is available we will write to the GPs this week to be more interested in getting started through Christmas.”

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Sir Simon said he supported the government’s four-week lockdown since it began on Thursday, saying it would mean being able to avoid suspending healthcare routine activities.

Most Tory rebels say they will vote against the move, but the government is expected to win the Commonwealth vote on the sanctions.

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