Coronavirus News Live: Latest Covid Update as Infections Double Every Week in England

Coronavirus News Live: Latest Covid Update as Infections Double Every Week in England

Coronavirus cases in England are doubling weekly in England, according to a large government-run trial.

Researchers at Imperial College London said they had found evidence of an epidemic outbreak that was “not the result of an increase in test capacity”.

The Real-Time Assessment of Community Transmission (RECAT-1) commissioned by the Department of Health and Social Care on the basis of self-help tests taken from volunteers found that the R rate in England is now 1.7.

Liverpool, Newcastle and Gateshead have already been added to Public Health England’s coronavirus watch list, with Sunderland and South Tyneside expected to follow suit.


Daily infections in England have increased by 60%

According to the latest data, the number of new coronavirus infections in private households in England has increased by 60 per cent every day.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), between August 30 and September 5, an average of 3,200 incidents occurred each day.

It rises to an average of 2,000 cases per day between August 19 and 25.

The ONS study estimated that as of September 5, about 1,400 people outside the hospital and care homes had the coronavirus in the week.

Liam James11 September 2020 13:44


Downing Street has rejected calls to exempt children from the ‘rule of six’

Amid growing pressure from Tory backbenchers to amend the new rules, No. 10 suggested that Scotland and Wales would not review the decision to include children under the age of 12 in social gatherings despite the exemption.

Boris Johnson’s official spokesman told reporters: “Before the decision was made on Wednesday, we looked at all the evidence and decided to go ahead with the six rules that apply to all ages.

“What we’ve done is simplify and strengthen the rules so that they are easy to understand. Social but social distance systems can only be effective if people understand them and follow them.”

Andy Gregory11 September 2020 13:30


Nicola Sturgeon warns of Lonershire lockdown as 600,000 downloads Scottish app on

Scotland’s first minister said the provisional figures showed that the number of cases across the country had risen by 1 by5, with Lanarkshire recording the second highest number of overnight stays at 39.

“The situation in Lanarkshire is of particular concern today,” Mrs Sturgeon told a briefing on the coronavirus in Hollywood. “There will be expert public health discussions today and some additional restrictions may apply there depending on the verdicts and conclusions they have reached.”

Ms Stargen said the Protect Scotland mobile phone tracing app, launched yesterday, had been downloaded by more than 600,000,000 people, but added that it was “as effective as possible” in some ways, to help us fight covid and help us survive. We need a lot of people across Scotland to download it and use it.

Similarly in Northern Ireland Scotland Apple and Google have decided to use the framework to create their own applications and NHSX England has decided to follow suit to create its own centralized applications.

Mess Starzan said the numbers signed up to use the app were “great” and “probably out of our initial expectations”.

Andy Gregory11 September 2020 13:19


Boris Johnson faces public outcry from Tory backbenchers over new lockdown ban

The Prime Minister has faced backlash from backbenchers over the new “Six Rules” and plans to “covid marshal”, recommending Senior Torres that members of the two families should exclude children under the maximum of six members, as our political editors in Scotland and Wales have. Andrew Woodcock Report.

Former Tory Minister Sir Desmond Swain called the rules “absolutely malicious”, while another said: “Now is the time for us to start living as neutral people, not constantly forced to change legal requirements.”

Tory former minister Steve Baker told BBC Radio 4 today: “I think the time has come for the British people not to have the right legal environment.

“It’s time to move on to volunteering – unless the government shows otherwise.

“And the time has come for us to really start living like a free man, not constantly forced to change legal requirements, which I think no one fully understands now.

“I think the effect of having a covid marshal is to make every public space in the UK the equivalent of going through airport security where we are badged and directed … I don’t want to live like this.”

Andy Gregory11 September 2020 13:09


Liverpool coronavirus has been added to the watch list

Metropolitan Mayor Steve Rothram said the Liverpool metropolitan area has been added to the government’s coronavirus surveillance list due to “rapid growth”.

Mr Rothram appealed to residents to help prevent local lockdowns: “We are not yet in a position to impose additional restrictions on us – as other regions have – but it will be a case if we continue our current path. When it happens, if it does not. “”

Andy Gregory11 September 2020 12:52


The NHS communications-tracing app will be launched in England and Wales in late September after a delay of several months.

The Department of Health and Social Services says the app, developed in partnership with Apple and Google, is “extremely effective when used in conjunction with conventional communication to identify positive test takers for the coronavirus.”

Prior to the launch business, including pubs, restaurants, hairdressers and movies, they are being asked to make sure that the NHS QR code is visible at the time of poster entry so that customers can check using the new app.

The project is being tested with London Borough, Newham’s Isle of Wight and NHS volunteers ahead of the Sept. 24 launch.

Liam James11 September 2020 11:52


Expect new restrictions in Birmingham

Stricter coronavirus restrictions appear to be in place across Birmingham on Friday after a slight increase in recent cases.

Andy Street, the mayor of the West Midlands, said the sanctions were “very, very likely” after meetings with central government officials in London in recent days.

NHS data show Birmingham had a weekly case rate of 78,000 per 100,000 as of Sept. 8, with 892 cases in the period – the highest in the city since the April peak.

Dr Justin Verney, Birmingham’s director of health, said the spike was “primarily associated with private household gatherings” in late August, especially on bank holiday weekends.

Liam James11 September 2020 11:31


Could ‘Operation Munshot’ be a good value for money?

The leaked documents reveal the government’s plan to test 10 million people a day by 2021, with results available in minutes, which could cost b 100 billion.

Our economy editor Ben Chu Examines whether the scheme will be valuable for all those funds:

Liam James11 September 2020 11:07


Northeast hotspots to add to the Covid watchlist

Several areas in the north-east of England will be added to the official watch list for “extended support” following the rise of coronavirus cases last week.

Newcastle and Gateshead Council have confirmed they will be included in the updated list, which is due to be announced by Public Health England on Friday.

Sunderland and Tyneside are also expected to be included after the spike in some cases.

Gateshead Council said the lawsuits became significant last week and warned that new restrictions could be “imminent” if the cases escalated further.

Liam James11 September 2020 10:34


Boris Johnson’s Operation Munshot Mass Experimental Program is “not possible,” health experts and sources close to the project have warned.

The Prime Minister hopes to conduct one crore coronavirus tests every day by 2021, according to a document released yesterday.

Talks have been held with sources close to the government’s strategy Samuel Lovet Here:

Liam James11 September 2020 10:09

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