Coronavirus News: Despite the economic crisis, MPs were barbaric for possible salary increases “Really Insu | UK | News

Coronavirus News: Despite the economic crisis, MPs were barbaric for possible salary increases "Really Insu | UK | News

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) on Friday unveiled plans to increase the salaries of 50,500 MPs. Under the new guidelines, MPs’ current salaries could be increased from £ 79,468 to 3,000 3,000. For that reason, Readers were asked on Friday, “Should Westminster MPs raise their salaries by 3,360 during the coronavirus crisis?”

In response, 4,587 insisted that the salaries of 4,508 MPs should not be increased.

Only 69 agreed to their consent, while 10 were unsure.

Commenting on the survey, one person said: “I think it’s blatantly insulting.”

One said: “Absolutely not.

“If an MP should lead by example and show that we are all in it together, a বেতন 3,360 salary cut should be taken.”

A third said: “Not raising nurses’ salaries, forcing pensioners to pay the BBC for horrible services, people have lost their jobs and public credit has become a joke.

“It requires a salary increase for a job that many do badly.”

Fourth says: “Why should their salaries be increased, they have done very little or nothing this year.

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Some lawmakers, however, have voiced their concerns about a possible pay rise, citing economic uncertainty across the country.

Tutting’s Labor MP, Dr. Rozena Alin-Khan says she will either refuse the salary increase or give it to charity.

He said: “It’s not right. Facing the uncertainty of millions of jobs and increasing the salaries of our MPs now simply sends the wrong message and highlights the economic division of our country. “

Bishop Auckland MP Dehena Davison was also hit by the proposal.

He not only criticized the potential increase, the issue of increased salary increase is not determined by the MPs, it is determined by the IPSA itself.

He said: “I literally heard it and I think it’s a bloody foolish decision.

“But my regular reminder here is that we as MPs do not decide how much we will get paid.

“It’s decided by an independent body – and I think they should be better judged.”

The survey opened at 12.56pm and closed at 9.50pm on 9 October.

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