Coronavirus: Motorists say insurance may be invalid for unnecessary travel during a lockdown. UK News

Drivers who travel essentially during lockdowns have been warned that their insurance may be invalid.

Motorists can end up paying “thousands” for repairs if they are involved in an accident and are urged to talk to their insurers to get clarity on what their policy covers.

If a driver’s accident occurs during the essential trip, the insurer may reject the claim.

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Florence Codzo of told the Daily Mirror: “You could end up with thousands of dollars for repairs.

“If you are unsure about the cover during lockdown, talk to your insurer for clarification.”

He further warned that drivers should not have their insurance canceled if they do not have street parking for their vehicles.

Leaving your car on the road without any insurance cover can be illegal and can be fine.

England entered Stricter nationwide rules last week In an attempt to reduce its spread Coronavirus People are only allowed to leave their homes for a specific reason.

People may travel for medical needs, child care or education, to buy food and necessities, or to care for the weak.

Scotland is subject to various levels of restrictions while Northern Ireland is currently nearing the end of its four-week “circuit breaker”.

Wales After the end of the 17-day firebreak lockdown, it now has a new security system.

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