Coronavirus: more than 2 million dead worldwide

The coronavirus epidemic has killed at least 2,004,803 people worldwide since the first cases of the virus appeared in China in December 2019.

The total number of contracted cases of the virus has reached 93,635,547 people, of which 24,690,536 are considered active cases. 66.940.208 Recovering from illness is considered. In addition, a total of 35,254,177 people have already been vaccinated worldwide.

According to Johns Hopkins University calculations, the United States is the most affected country in both deaths and cases, with 388,705 deaths in 23,314,238 cases.

After the United States, the most affected country is Brazil with 207,095 deaths and 8,324,294 cases, India with 151,918 deaths (10,527,683 cases), Mexico with 137,916 deaths (1,588,364 cases), and the United Kingdom with 86,015 dead (3,260,258 cases).

Among the most hit countries, Belgium is the one with the highest number of deaths in relation to its population, followed by 175 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, followed by Slovenia (149), Bosnia (134), Italy. (134) and Czech Republic (131).

According to the Robert Koch Health Institute (RKI), Germany on Friday exceeded the two million pollution limit after registering 22,368 new positive cases in the last 24 hours. The number of reported cases reached 2,000,958 people.

The country has recorded 1,113 new deaths, accounting for 44,994 deaths in the last 24 hours since the onset of the epidemic. Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the virus can be controlled only by implementing strict measures.

Israel has already vaccinated two million people against the new coronovirus. However, all of these people received the first of only two doses of the vaccine.

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The Emergency Committee of the World Health Organization (WHO) met two weeks ago on Thursday to discuss the recently identified variants of coronavirus. The recommendations of WHO and member states should be made public after the meeting on Friday.

Currently, more than 50 countries have identified new British variants, of which the most infectious and 20 have reported South African variant cases, while Japan has recorded 4 cases of a new variant found in Brazil.

Health officials said on Friday that Senegal had passed a plan to officially introduce 500 of the announced Kovid-19 deaths and to begin immunizing priority audiences by the end of March. The country that is part of the Kovacs system is currently negotiating to buy the vaccine from China. There are a total of 22,300 cases of contamination in Senegal since the onset of the epidemic.

In Britain, the Supreme Court ruled that insurance companies were forced to compensate SMEs for business disruptions caused by the novel coronovirus epidemic. These 370,000 companies are related, and according to the financial regulator, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the compensation amount should be £ 1.2 billion

King Abdullah II of Jordan and his son, Crown Prince Hussein, were vaccinated against the new coronavirus on Thursday. Pictures of the king, his son and his uncle and former crown prince, Hassan bin Talal’s vaccination were posted on the Royal Palace’s Twitter account.

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