Coronavirus: More social restrictions may be imposed, minister’s advice Politics News

Strict social restrictions could be imposed if coronavirus infections continue to rise, a minister has suggested.

“We do not want to take steps to bring the UK back to a second national lockdown,” said Helen O’Hatley, who warned that the government was “keeping an eye on the situation”. COVID-19 Case

Asked by Sky News to show what people in Barley should be prepared to change, the social services minister pointed to rules banning family mixing in some parts of north-west and north-east England.

It follows a report in the Times that a “complete social lockdown” could be imposed in most parts of northern Britain and London – with all pubs and restaurants closed for two weeks.

Households were forbidden to meet each other in any indoor space, but schools, shops and offices remained open.

Mrs Whitley did not deny that the plan was being considered, warning that the recent “ward upward trend” included Coronavirus The incident and the country are in “a critical moment of time” during the epidemic.

He was apparently partying with a video of Liverpool residents and called for no social distance after the pubs closed “anxiously” at 10pm. Strict fines are effective Whoever it is should not be self-isolated.

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