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NYC mayor says 1% of people tested across the city are positive for Covid-19, a record low
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was pictured leaving the 10 Downing Streets in London on July 1. Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that he “regretted” the number of coronavirus-related deaths in nursing homes “painfully” and told the British radio station LBC that “too many” lives were lost.

“What happened was absolutely tragic, no question … We saw too many lives lost in nursing homes, and we mourn for everyone,” Johnson said.

“I regret painfully and painfully from every loss of life we ‚Äč‚Äčlive,” he added.

Touching on questions about why so many deaths have been recorded in nursing homes in the UK, the Prime Minister said he believed that various factors should be taken into account.

British government administration widespread criticism of coronavirus in nursing homes.

According to the UK National Statistical Office (OUNCE), Covid-19 included 19,394 home-care dwelling deaths – or 29.3% of home-dwelling deaths from the onset of the pandemic to mid-June.

ONS said that as of March 2, 15.5% of all hospital deaths, including Covid-19, could be explained by residential residents.

“I think a lot of different things came together … let the nursing homes govern, distribute messages, understand what people need to do to protect against disease,” Johnson said on Friday.

“I think we’ll have to look at all the issues about what’s happening in nursing homes in great detail,” he added.

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