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Michigan And Washington Several more states joined on Sunday to announce new efforts to fight the coronavirus, as more than 11 million cases of Covid-19 have now been published. United States – The most recent million is coming in less than a week – and many Americans are ready to celebrate a Thanksgiving holiday marked by an epidemic.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmars The administration instructed high schools and colleges to close restaurants for organized meals and to stop organized sports, including football play-offs, in an effort to reduce the number of spiking cases in the state.

The order also bans indoor and outdoor residential gatherings, closes some recreational facilities and bans the gym from hosting group practice classes.

The new rules, which last three weeks, are broad but not as dramatic as the removal of the Democratic governor-stay-home-order this spring, when he faced criticism from a Republican-led legislature that refused to extend the state’s coronavirus emergency declaration and approved an epidemic. A lawsuit challenging Whitmer’s authority.

He was pushed by those who opposed the decision to tighten rather than relax what was already the country’s toughest position-related order.

“The situation has never been worse,” Whiter told a news conference on Sunday evening, with authorities saying the abduction plan was also aimed at angering previous outbreaks of its viruses. “We’re at the top and we need to take some action.”

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whiter.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whiter. Photo: AP

Instructions from Michigan will arrive the same day Governor J. Insili of Washington It has been announced that the state will implement new restrictions on business and social gatherings for the next month as it, too, continues to fight a growing number of cases.

From Tuesday, Washington’s gyms and some leisure centers will have to shut down their internal services.

Retail stores, including grocery stores, will be ordered to limit indoor capacity and multi-household indoor social gatherings will be prohibited unless attendees are separated for 14 days or tested negative for Covid-19 and separated for one week. By Wednesday, restaurants and bars will again be limited to outdoor dining and to-go services.

Actions also follow serious milestones Texas And California Since the outbreak of the epidemic last week, more than 19 confirmed Covid-9s have been identified in the state.

In Texas, the sporting event was canceled and at least one city hospital added to the mobile morgue in anticipation of the viral death.

Meanwhile, in California, the country’s most populous state and the first to issue a state-wide home-to-home order, officials planning holiday rallies called for strict caution, including their short, outdoor and two-hour long visits.

Thousands of people lined up in cars at the car park of Dodger Stadium for the Kozid-19 test.

Thousands of people lined up in cars at the car park of Dodger Stadium for the Kozid-19 test. Photo: Robin Beck / AFP / Getty Images

And inside North Dakota, A previously resistant Governor Doug Bergum Strengthening the state’s hospital capacity, the state issued a statewide mask order late Friday night aimed at spreading the coronavirus and imposed various restrictions on the business.

Republicans seek the advice of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals when they need to give a facelift. Bars, restaurants and other venues were also instructed to reduce capacity.

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