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Daniel Aminto lost his job and then sent the coronavirus epidemic to his home Philippines In lockdown. Now she and her family live on the streets, relying on food handouts to survive.

Charities are fighting to meet growing food demand as millions of families across the country go hungry, AFP reports.

The Covid-19 sanctions have crippled the economy and put many out of work.

“I’ve never seen this hungry person before,” said Jomar Flares, executive director of Rise Against Hunger in the Philippines, who works with more than 40 partners to feed the poor.

“If you go out there, everyone will tell you that they are more afraid to starve than to die from covid. They no longer worry about Kovid. ”

According to the Epidemic Social Weather Station, the number of hungry people in the epidemic has reached record highs.

The September survey found that about three-thirds of families – or .6. Millions of families did not have enough food to eat at least once in the previous three months.

Of these, 2.2 million households had “acute hunger” – the highest ever.

Two months after the country went into a severe lockdown, the numbers have been rising since May – reversing the downward trend since 2012.

As the government seeks to recover from the devastated economy, virus restrictions have been eased in recent months to allow more business to operate, which is expected to shrink to 9.5% this year.

For the country’s poor, the epidemic is just a challenge in their lives – not the most serious.

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Aymanto, 41, slept on the street for years and made as much money as possible by selling trash for recycling. His fortunes changed as he got a stable job as a building painter in 2019.

It paid him enough to rent a house in Manila, which he shared with his wife and their two-year-old daughter, bought food and even saved some for the dream of opening a small shop.

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