Coronavirus Live News: South Yorkshire level has three restrictions, the President of Poland tested positive | World news

AFP provides this twist to the current Covid-19 situation Europe:

The European Union’s disease control body, the World Health Organization, has warned of a “harmful” rise in infections, joining hardline health workers to raise concerns about the spread of the coronavirus across the continent.

Even countries that avoided a deadly outbreak during Europe’s first settlement outbreak have seen an increase in the number of cases. GermanyThe death toll on Saturday exceeded 10,000.

Governments have reintroduced to reduce the new spread of the virus in these countries that a few weeks ago they believed they had overcome the crisis.

But the population, tired of social isolation and economic hardship, has lagged behind new constraints, including overnight clashes. ItalyStrict Naples among police and hundreds of protesters.

Later Spain Earlier in the week, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, who became the first European country to officially record 19 million Kovid-19 cases, said on Friday that the actual number of infections was probably more than double that number.

France Germany has re-recorded nearly 15,000 new cases after crossing Spain’s million-case milestone on Friday, with health authorities urging people to follow social distance measures.

In many countries, new restrictions have been imposed on an emergency basis in daily life, and France has increased curfews to reach 4 million people.

Wales A day later Friday evening entered a full lockdown Ireland Shut down, when Poland A nationwide “red zone” lockdown has been mandated to partially close elementary schools and restaurants.

Only Sweden, Which famously refused to lock up earlier this year, remains stuck with the gun even as the case grows.

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Belgium Per capita has seen one of Europe’s deadliest outbreaks and has found itself suffering somewhat among Europe’s highest second wave transmission rates.

“We are losing. We are overwhelmed, we are bitter, “said Benoit Miset, head of the intensive care unit at the University Hospital in Liege, where several of his staff are working to be positive – if contagious – but they are.

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